The evidence and facts are everywhere.

Our oceans and the marine life residing in them need protection.


We aim to be role models in our industry both locally and globally so we practice what we preach and get involved directly while creating opportunities for others to take action too.

We are Australia's first Sea Shepherd Dive partner. Their philosophy and code of conduct matches our own and so we are proud to promote our relationship with them and be Australia's first member of their support and report network. 

From managing full operations to volunteering with our own boots on the ground. We aim to inspire, educate and promote action to protect, conserve and defend our oceans.


Here are some of the current and past projects we've been involved in.



"We provide a ‘Support and Report’ network to enable the global dive community to get actively involved with Sea Shepherd and its worldwide mission to stop poachers and criminal operators that threaten our marine environment. Through the Sea Shepherd Dive website, divers and dive operators can report environmental crimes that they witness while diving, anywhere around the world. Sea Shepherd Dive partners will be entitled to run environmental training programs, tailor-made to enable individuals to take ‘direct action’ to help the oceans."


We've partnered up 

SUSTAINABLE OCEANS INTERNATION (SOI) and North Bali Reef Conservation to train and assist locals and tourists in the restoration coral reefs that have been damaged from unsustainable human practices in the past.

Join a Reef Building Safari to get your hands dirty and make a direct impact while working shoulder to shoulder with local village and community members.


DIVE2U were the operation managers behind the worlds largest sponge relocation program.

The operation was successful in relocation of over 2000 sponges and ascidians during an 8 month period.

This project set the benchmark for what a local dive operator can achieve with community support.


Dive2U are managing the oyster settlement plate installations at Blairgowrie Pier in support of Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA) investigation into natural larvae 'hot spots' in Port Phillip Bay. Data collected will help support The Nature Conservancy as part of their greater Shellfish Reef Restoration Project.


DIVE2U are a proud contributor and supporter of Project Banjo Rays Awareness Campaign. A campaign that worked collaboratively with anglers, government, community and business to put an end 
to the senseless slaughter of the rays and skates in port Phillip and Westernport Bays.


Project AWARE® is a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of adventurers. They connect the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation.

Dive2U is a 100% Project Aware partner.
We personally donate on behalf of every certifying student and upgrade their certification card to the latest and greatest Project Aware edition.


DIVE2U regularly collaborate with the Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Campaign to tackle our local marine debris build up from both above and below the surface.

These collaborative efforts enable beach and water lovers to work together in a friendly atmosphere to demonstrate to the kids and general public that action needs to be taken to clean up our oceans.


We are proud annual individual event hosts of
Victorian National Parks Association's


The GVFC is a fish, ray and shark count conducted during a 2 week window every year. The data is uploaded into the Atlas of Living Australia and has been running for 13 years!


We are proud individual event hosts of
Victorian National Parks Association's


The Sea Slug Census is nudibranch count conducted during a 2 day window. It was run for the first time in 2018 with hopes of a bi-annual event.


We are proud supporter of the Seaside Scavenge since its inception in 2015 representing the diving community and conducting a dive clean up every year since.


This is a community run event supported by Coastcare Victoria and City Of Port Phillip to raise awareness of plastic pollution, connect like-minded people and help motivate our community towards reducing our disposable plastic footprint on Port Phillip Bay. 

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