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Welcome to the Dive2U Alliance - a dive club with a REAL difference.

The Dive2U Alliance is not a typical dive club. It's a network, an affinity, a relationship, a group with common goals and objectives, an Alliance. In addition to enjoying the sport we all love and diving as much as possible,  we want to do good. Our divers want to do good. Community, organisations and businesses want to align with people doing good. The Alliance aims to include and support all types of members and achieve great goals together in an empowered, supportive, powerful and encouraging environment. 


From furthering our skills and education with quality diver training, to organising educational experiences, to continuously seeking participation in conservation programs and banding together to achieve real purposeful change, the Dive2U Alliance is the perfect collective to align with and without a doubt you're guaranteed to have a great time while doing what you love!

We encourage you to join the ALLIANCE. To share the ALLIANCE with more than just your diving friends and help us create a network of amazing people with diverse expertise, skills, knowledge and professions to be a point of contact for reach out, to achieve goals, to create amazing change and to support others to do the same.

Learn about the projects Dive2U has or currently is involved in here: CONSERVATION



  • Access to the private Dive2U Alliance Facebook group

  • Member led: members choose courses, trips and fun dives when it suits members

  • Member gatherings rotating through various venues around Melbourne's SE

  • Members only 'on the night' specials during gatherings

  • Educational presentations, talks and events

  • Member first access to trips, specials and events

  • Club t-shirt on initial sign up

  • 12 month membership

  • 10 air fill card for tank owners

  • 20% off gear rentals

  • Standing 10% off retail purchases*

  • Free club dives (excluding 3rd party fees)

  • After hours air fills & rentals

  • Incentives for referring new members

  • Aligning with Australia's first and only Sea Shepherd Dive partner


Annual fee $99

Free t-shirt on initial sign up

*10% discount excludes Sea Shepherd merchandise and items currently on sale.


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