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The metal Goodman Handmount is the standard for many divers that prefer a rigid handmount for their canister or handheld light. The advantage of a Goodman Handmount is its ability to easily switch between hands, as compared to a soft handmount. The Goodman Handmount can be adjusted to fit nearly every size hand using the adjustment screws on each side of the handmount. Dive Rite's Quick Release Mount System(QRM) is provided as a way to quickly mount your light to the top of the handmount. The QRM allows for easy switching between lights and mounting positions for different situations. When engaged the lever lock prevents the movement of the QRM, keeping the light securely in place. The Goodman Handmount with QRM is available with three different QRM options: QRM Receiver only (LT6120-REC), Complete QRM for Dive Rite Lights (LT6120-QRM), and Complete QRM for Universal Lights (LT6120-QRM-UNI).

Dive Rite Goodman Handmount with QRM

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