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Handheld version only. Completely adaptable to any dive mission, the modular HP50 easily transforms from a compact, lightweight travel companion to a rugged workhorse capable of boundary pushing, multi-hour technical dives. A next generation multi-die LED provides 3500+ lumens at 6500 °K with a 10° spot beam angle with 1.5 hours burn time at full power. Powered by Cree's groundbreaking SC5 Technology™ Platform, the XLamp® XHP50 LED is a member of Cree's Extreme High Power (XHP) class of LEDs that redefines lumen density and reliability. At its maximum current, the XHP50.2 LED delivers twice the light output of the industry's brightest single-die LED, the XLamp XM-L2 LED. A unique HP50 light head design offers improved heat sinking and features a cross drilled water channel that provides a direct thermal path from the back side of the LED chip to the water for maximum output and efficiency. A magnetic rotary switch controls 4 modes of operation: High, Medium, Low, and Strobe. An integrated microprocessor control unit continuously monitors battery voltage and temperature to keep the light operating at peak efficiency. As battery voltage drops, light output steps down eliminating the possibility of suddenly being left in the dark due to a dead battery. The light alerts the diver of this step down in light output by a series of flashes, after which, the light produces a minimum of another 4+ hours of usable light. The HP50 system gives the diver the flexibility to easily convert between handheld and canister versions using the same light head. Using the simple threaded and double O-ring sealed connection, quickly convert between the 4 x 18650 handheld battery pack and the corded battery canister. adapter. All battery options are UN 38.3 test compliant and are safe for air transport. . Cree XLamp XHP50.2 LED driven @ 24W produces over 3500 lumens @ 6500 Kelvin Beam Angle: tight 10-degree spot 1.5 Hour burn time at full power Magnetic rotary switch activated Integrated microprocessor control unit monitors temperature and battery voltage Low battery indication and automatic step down to increase usable burn time Durable hard-coat anodized aluminum head construction Unique cooling design for maximum light output and efficiency Depth Rating: 500 feet (152m) Batteries are UN 38.3 test compliant and are safe for air transport Compatible with all Dive Rite handmount options

Dive Rite HP50 Handheld Light

SKU: LT6400
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