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Dive Rite XT Regulator Set - Advanced Open Water Package

"Buy your regs once!". Ever heard that from your instructor? Listen to your instructors and their recomendations...experience speaks volumes and this reg package is the result of years of expereince!


The XT Advanced Open Water Regulator Package draws from Dive Rite's technical roots, for a regulator setup that any diver can appreciate.  The XT Advanced Open Water Regulator Package consists of our XT1 High Performance First Stage, a matched set of XT2 Balanced Second Stages, and a Mini Tech 2" SPG. Along with all of the main components, accessories such as clips and necklaces are included.

With its optimal hose routing, there are no dangling hoses to get snagged on the dive. The primary second stage is routed under the divers arm on a 40" flex hose with an angled adapter. This routing keeps the hose from flaring out and the longer hose allows for comfortable air sharing in an emergency situation. The backup second stage is on a 22" flex hose with necklace to be quickly accessed if needed. The high quality Mini Tech 2" Brass SPG is on a 30" flex hose with boot and stainless clip to be attached on the waist or chest D-ring for easy viewing.


Package Includes:

- XT1 Din First Stage

- XT2 Second Stage, Carbon Fiber cover

- XT2 Second Stage, Yellow cover

- 40-inch LP hose

- 22-inch LP hose

- Right angle regulator adapter

- Regulator necklace

- 2-inch SPG with 32-inch hose

- Small swivel bolt snap

- Hose clip retainer

- Regulator Bag Included


NOTE: Low Pressure Inflator hose not included in this package. LPI hose is supplied with wing purchase. A Dive Rite regulator bag is included with the package for convenient storage.

Dive Rite XT Regulator Set

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