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We live on a magical planet with a truely remarkable ocean.

There is a plethora of experiences and adventures to be had from crackling coral reefs, to ridged rocky coastlines and long lazy lagoons.

We aim to provide exclusive local, interstate and international dive adventures for all experience levels.

We select safari partners who are as environmentally conscious as we are and follow the mindset of our ECO DIVER ethos.

JOIN an already scheduled trip (see Facebook events)


BOOK A PRIVATE trip for your dive group or club.



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From the humble traveller to the avid adventurer, in our modern world time is of the escence. Organising a day out diving can be a logistical effort and a time consuming exercise especially without available transport or local knowledge.

From the dive shop gear pick up and drop off, travel times, weather conditions, tides, parking and fees, fuel costs and then making sure to back by close of business all quickly adds up to your fun day out turning into a very stressfull event.

But not any more!

We're Melbourne's ONLY door-to-door guided scuba & snorkelling diving service. Come see Melbourne underwater and the spectacular marine life like the famous Weedy Seadragons, Giant Smooth Rays, Giant Cuttlefish, Seahorses, Octopus, Fur Seals, Nudibranchs, temperate fish and more under expert professional guidance and in the comfort of our exclusive MOBILE services.

Weekdays & Weekends Available

Guided Diving


9 Days, 8 Nights

International Dive Trip


Minimum Certification Level: ALL LEVELS Incl. Snorkelers
UNLIMITED diving and snorkelling!


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join us and help us rebuild an important nearshore reef!


Dive2U Mobile Adventures and Sustainable Oceans International (SOI) are proud to present a brand new international diving and snorkelling experience with a major positive difference. Do more on your dive trip than just indulge and watch fish, actually help rebuild homes for your fishy friends and leave a lasting legacy for the locals. 


In essence you are going to have fun while learning how to minimise your ‘finprint’ and leave the reefs better than you found them. 


Welcome to the future of sustainable dive travel.

Next trips:

Bali Reef Build
SA - Mt Gambier


3 Days, 2 Nights

Interstate Dive Trip

Mount Gambier, South Australia

Minimum Certification Level: Open Water 18m

Mt Gambier in South Australia is home to Australia's best freshwater diving.

Majestic limestone structures carved out from fresh water springs has created some amazing diving opportunities. The most popular being Kilsby's Sinkhole. A 65m sinkhole situated on private farming property and Dive2U is going to take you there!

No cave diving qualifications or experience is required. This is a fully guided recreational dive trip conducted within recreational dive limits with in water guidance and supervision. Yes, that means Open Water divers are welcome!

Trips running regularly see our Facebook events page for dates!

VIC - Sea Dragons


4 Days, 3 Nights

4 Boat, 4 Shore Dives

Lonsdale Wall, Portsea, Blairgowrie, Rye, Flinders

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Minimum Certification Level: Open Water 18m

Mornington Peninsula is home to the very best of Victoria's scuba diving with famous marine life found no where else in the world! Have you ever hear of Seadragons? Of course you have! From permanent colonies of Weedy Seadragons, to annual Spider Crab migrations, to dolphins, seals, huge rays and to the visiting whales on their migrations. Come see why film and documentary makers travel from all over the world and witness first hand what Victoria has to offer!

NSW - Saphhire Coast


5 Days, 4 Nights

8 Dives, 1 Snorkel

Montague Island, Tathra, Merimbula & Eden

Sapphire Coast, New South Wales

Minimum Certification Level: Snorkeller & Explorer!

When you think about diving in NSW pretty much everyone speaks of the famous Seal Rocks, South West Rocks, Julien Rocks, Lord Howe Island...

...BUT! There is soooo much amazing diving and experiences to be had that are much closer, more cost friendly and way more fun to access.

SA - Giant Cuttlefish



7 Days, 6 Nights

Interstate Dive Trip

Whyalla, South Australia

Mount Gambier, South Australia

Minimum Certification Level: Snorkeller, freediver and scuba

2020 special - 2 safaris in 1!

Each year, as the water temperatures decrease with the winter season the Giant Cuttlefish migrate in their hundreds of thousands to the Spencer Gulf in South Australia to find a mate. With dynamic colour and pattern displays, and at times some cross dressing, males jostle for a chance to win over a female.  Males dwarf the females with some males known to grow in total length of over a meter and with the majority of all activity occurring between 2 - 5m of water, a 1m long cuttlefish is quiet the experience.

Make your own


Would you prefer to have a dive professional with you?

We can help you make, plan, book and deliver your own trip!

We can offer services such as:

  • trip planning and management

  • trip support with our Mobile HQ

  • insured professional guides

  • on-site air and nitrox fills

  • comfortable group transport from 1 to 24 people

  • in water assistant(s)

  • on-site rental gear and more!


If there is a will, we will help make the way!

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